This is The Super Gaming Wiki's Video Game Music of the Week request page. Every week, except when there are no requests, we post the best video on the Home Page and at the Video Game Music of the Week Archive. Please post your requests below. The Super Gaming Wiki Staff


  • Must be Suggested by a Registered User.
  • Needs to include their signature (~~~~)
  • Needs to be in the format below
  • All issues need to be posted at the Talk Page.
  • Do not repeat past videos, except for two months after they have been submitted.
  • Any series is allowed, but it cannot be from these systems: Virtual Boy, Game and Watch, Nintendo 3DS (2D setting excluded).
  • The link must be included

Any infractions to these rules will result in the suggestion being deleted.


Please type them in this manner:

[ Name of Piece- Band (if applicable): Game "System" Year of Game Release] ~~~~

No Exceptions

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