Princess Peach
Princess Peach, the wounderful lovely Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom

Princess Peach is the princess of Mushroom Kindgom.


Peach is weak but very hardcore as a Princess, she always has a parosol as a way to block out the sun. She is very sweet and always repays mario for saving her. Princess Peach is very talented has great speed and stamina as well!




Mario and Peach at sunset

Mario is Peach's hero. They have known each other ever since the NES Super Mario Bros. series.


Bowser is Peach's biggest threat. One theory reason why Peach is kidnapped often is that Bowser has a crush on her, him gleefully marrying her in Super Paper Mario supports this fact...


Toad is Peach's close friend and servent in her castle. He likes to work and takes it as a passion for Peach to get him an allowance.



Princess Peach and Daisy

Daisy is Peach's best friend but when it comes to being home, they don't see each other very often.


Luigi is a good friend of Peach. When Peach calls Luigi he is like another hero besides Mario.


Amy is one of Peach's competitive rivasl. As of now the two compete at the olympics. They're last apperance was in the Mario and Sonic London 2012.


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