Psmove stc. V185998139

The PlayStation Move brings the most immersive gaming experience possible to your PlayStation 3. Using advanced motion sensors and the PlayStation Eye Camera, your every movement is mimicked on-screen in breathtaking Blu-ray powered HD. Take core gaming to a new level or bring your whole family in on the adventure with a title line up that will excite every gamer.


  1. Ape Escape
  2. No More Hereos:Hereos Paridise
  3. Sports Champions
  4. Child Of Eden
  5. Killzone 3
  6. Eyepet
  7. The Fight:Lights Out
  8. Get Fit With Mel B
  9. SOCOM 4
  10. Medival Moves:Deadmund's Quest
  11. Kung Fu Rider
  12. Micheal Jackson:The Experince
  13. Playstation Move Hereos
  14. Resistance 3

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